Tips på bra torrent från WIE, om Spirituality/etc

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Tips på bra torrent från WIE, om Spirituality/etc

Inläggav PopJimmy » 25 dec 2006 09:05

Här är en bra torrent jag hittade, läs mer om ämnen som dessa media (audio och video filer) rör här: Har du inte lyssnat på dessa typer av saker förut (rörande Spirituality/Andlighet) så föreslår jag att du ger det ett försök. Jag har ännu inte fått hem denna torrent, men jag har läst WIE förut och jag vet att dessa grejer är av väldigt bra kvalité.

Här är exempel på saker:
Business and Economy

Andrew Cohen & Otto Scharmer
Radical Spiritual Evolution

Pioneer of collective intelligence, economist, and MIT senior lecturer C. Otto Scharmer asks WIE founder and teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment Andrew Cohen about the significance and science of creating a unified, enlightened state of consciousness in groups of otherwise “unenlightened” individuals.

Peter Senge & Jon Kabat-Zinn
The Business of Changing the World
Best-selling authors Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline) and Jon Kabat-Zinn (Full Catastrophe Living) dialogue on the emerging integration of spirituality and business.

Culture and Society
Yasuhiko Kimura
The Transcendent Unity of Science, Art, and Spirituality
A Voices from the Edge presentation in Boston, MA
Yasuhiko Kimura makes you think. Literally. This corporate consultant and translator of mystical Chinese texts mixes an intriguing blend of Zen, the Socratic method, and cutting-edge evolution theory to stimulate your mind.

Otto Scharmer
Presencing: Human Potential and the Field of the Future
A Voices from the Edge presentation
Otto Scharmer presents his transformative social theory in which science, spirituality, and the intelligence of the collective conspire to create a more enlightened future.

Dan Millman
Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Dan Millman, recently saw his classic spiritual saga, Way of the Peaceful Warrior made into a major motion picture starring Nick Nolte, Mark Mechlowicz, and Amy Smart. In this exclusive WIE interview, Carter Phipps speaks with Millman about the book, the movie, and the peaceful warrior way.

David Johansen
Vox Humana
WIE speaks with David Johansen, founding member of the proto-punk band the New York Dolls, and the front man and creative force behind the high-style lounge act of Buster Poindexter, about his life as a rock 'n' roll singer, the universal power of music, and why just being born is a divine gift.

David Fiuczynski
New Music for a New World
WIE's editor in chief Andrew Cohen interviews David Fiuczynski, eclectic, innovative and forward thinking jazz guitarist, about the essential nature of the creative process and the future of music in our information saturated world. Intercut with footage of his live performance at the annual EnlightenNext Frontiers of Jazz music festival.

Media and Communications
James RedfieldThe Celestine Prophecy: The Movie
WIE Unbound takes you to the set of The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie to speak with author, screenwriter, and producer James Redfield about his books, his new movie, and the spiritualization of Hollywood. Synchronicities abound in this conversation with one of today's most popular authors.

Thomas de Zengotita
Mediated: The Effects of Media on Consciousness
a Voices from the Edge presentation in Lenox, MA
Thomas de Zengotita, Harper’s contributing editor, anthropologist and author, explores how media, from petroglyphs to the printed word to MTV, molds not just what we think, but how we think.

Science and Technology

Brian Swimme
The Story of the Universe
Mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme is both scientifically grounded and spiritually inspired in this portrayal of human consciousness as the end result and leading edge of 13.7 billion years of cosmic evolution.
Edgar Mitchell
The Quantum Hologram
Astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Edgar Mitchell, discusses the nature of consciousness and its place in the cosmic scheme of things past, present, and future.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo
The Bifurcation Point: World at the Crossroads
Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Prize nominee and Club of Budapest founder, brings his grand-scale “theory of everything” to bear on the plight of humanity here and now.

Joseph Chilton Pearce
The Mind, Matter, and Time conference
Recorded live at the WIE & Omega Institute conference on consciousness
Best known for his studies in the development of consciousness in children, Pearce suggests that the culmination of three billion years of evolution lies untapped within our neural structures.

Fred Alan Wolf
The Mind, Matter, and Time conference
Recorded live at the WIE & Omega Institute conference on consciousness
Fred Alan Wolf studies the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He appeared in the popular film, What the Bleep Do We Know!? and is the author of The Yoga of Time Travel and other books.

Peter Fenwick
Love and Light: the Science of Near-Death Experiences
Dr. Peter Fenwick, neuropsychiatrist at London University, provides an eye-opening look at some of the unexplored and unexplained mysteries of human consciousness.

Elisabet Sahtouris
Confessions of a Creationist Evolution Biologist
a Voices from the Edge presentation in London
Dr. Sahtouris's life work is dedicated to putting God—in the form of life's miraculously complex yet ultimately logical evolution—back into the heart of science.

Peter Russell
What is Consciousness? Consciousness just IS.
Peter Russell, intrepid consciousness explorer and author of From Science to God, blends physics, psychology, and philosophy in his search for a new worldview.

Marilyn Schlitz
Embracing the Mystery
Vice President for Research and Education at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Dr. Marilyn Schlitz tells tales from the lab guaranteed to amaze believers and skeptics alike...

Susan Blackmore
Does Consciousness Exist?
Former psi researcher turned skeptic-with-an-open-mind asks the question, “What IF the entirety of our experience were reducible to chemical processes in the brain?”

Nancey Murphy
Intelligence by Design
Christian theologian and philosopher Dr. Nancey Murphy speaks with WIE's Craig Hamilton about the demise of the soul, the existence of God, and the evolving relationship between science and religion.


Im very, very glad to share this absolutely AWESOME material with you.

All the movies and audiofiles comes from the "wie unbound" homepage,
the home of the "What is enlightenment?" magazine.

42 videos (1385 MB) and 233 audiofiles (1421 MB)

Philosophy with thinkers like Ken Wilber, David Chalmers and Yasuhiko Kimura.
Spirituality with gurus like Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Cohen, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Swami Shankarananda.
Science from persons like Dr. Erwin Laszlo, Fred Alan Wolf, Georg Ellis.
Futurists like Ray Kurtzweil and Susan Blackmore and new-agers like Deepak Chopra and Gumman Gollgogga. And many, many more...
Lots of stuff about quantum physics, biology/ecology, artificial intelligence and futurism but also about buddhism, meditation, spirit and the nondual traditions in islam, judaism/christianity, and hinduism.

However there are two major underlying topics in all this:
1. What is consciousness?
2. What is mankinds part in the cosmic evolution?

Check out wie here:

To check out the listed info about the persons, lectures and interviews on this torrent go here:

To do that is highly recommended since it is the best way to get a balanced overview of all the media and its content.
There you can search by topic and so on in order to
find the stuff in the torrent that is in your particular taste or interest.

Enjoy this!

My seeding capabilities are limited. Its all of us together that decide how well this torrent will multiply on the web. Its up to us all if this will be sucessful . After 4-5 days of seeding it will have a life of its own.

För att kunna hämta denna så behöver du en torrentclient, här är ett exempel på en bra klient som jag kör

Om det är något du undrar över (Vad WIE är, innehållet i denna torrent, vad torrents är, o.s.v.)så är det bara att fråga... Om du hämtar ner den och lyssnar på den, så får du gärna posta en kommentar här senare. Jag tänkte lyssna/titta på några av dessa filer imorgon när jag fått ner dem, skriver antagligen en rad eller två om något intressant jag hört...

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Inläggav Fication » 29 dec 2006 00:39


Den drog jag ner för ett tag sen. Har fyllt mp3:an och dödat massa pendlingstid med. Det finns en del grejer på youtube med Ken Wilber också.

Jag hittade också en wma-film med Ken som hette integral operating system, typ 80 minuter Ken som förklarar aqal med stages, states,  types och hela konkarongen.

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