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Alternativ: Integral Inkubator

Inläggav nytt namn » 28 jan 2011 16:15

Att ta sig an något, på ett "integralt sätt", innebär att se relevansen hos den inneboende motivationen i tidigare system, och själv ogenerat kunna använda denna motivation, i sitt eget projekt.

Svensk version (Engelsk version längre ner):
Integral funktionssätt tillåter oss att ogenerat återta de bästa av de tidigare stadierna av utveckling som fortfarande är levande i oss, och att sätta deras makt igen online:

* Den känsla av djup gemenskap, samarbete och magi!-som är karakteristisk för Magenta (tribal) altitud
* Möjligheten att hävda oss själva och göra ett anspråk i världen som är karakteristisk för den röda (effekt) altitud
* disciplinen av Amber (traditionalistiska) altitud, samt på dess djupa tro på och lydnad till en högre personlig makt som är levande och uttrycker sig genom oss
* Den radikala frihet och möjlighet till personlig framgång och uttryck som kommer med Orange (modernistiska) altitud
* Den djupa engagemang att rätta oförrätter i världen och att ägna frukten av vårt arbete till den högsta och bästa för alla som är markörer för Green (post-modernistiska) altitud.

En framgångsrik integrering av dessa evolutionära världsbilder skapar ett kraftfullt framväxande medvetande-integrerad medvetande-samt nya resurser som ger online de bästa av varje tidigare världsbild, samtidigt lämna bakom vad som är begränsat och instängt om dessa.

Engelsk version:
Integral functioning allows us to unabashedly reclaim the best of the previous stages of development that are still alive in us, and to bring their power back online:

   * The sense of deep community, collaboration—and magic!—that is characteristic of the Magenta (tribal) altitude
   * The ability to assert ourselves and stake a claim in the world, characteristic of the Red (power) altitude
   * The discipline of the Amber (traditionalist) altitude, as well at its profound faith in and obedience to a higher personal power that is alive and expressing Itself through us
   * The radical freedom and opportunity for personal achievement and expression that comes with the Orange (modernist) altitude
   * The deep commitment to right the wrongs of the world and to dedicate the fruits of our labor to the highest and best for all, which are markers of the Green (post-modernist) altitude.

A successful integration of these evolutionary worldviews creates a powerful emergent consciousness—integral consciousness—as well as new capabilities that bring online the best of each previous worldspace, while leaving behind what is limited and gripped about them.


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Inläggav nytt namn » 28 jan 2011 16:15

Tillhörande film, 2 minuter:
<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Detta ska inte ses som "propaganda" för en produkt ("integralvärldsbild", "integral religion", "integral xxx"), utan nya vägar att utföra ett "projekt" (genom att förstå hur andra system REDAN IDAG utför sina projekt, så att man kan "dra nytta" av det som skapar momentum i andra system).

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Inläggav nytt namn » 28 jan 2011 16:48

To claim your next stage of development  

One of the key markers of integral consciousness is that we are able to take an evolutionary view. We begin to see ourselves as an evolving beings in an evolving world. This single insight changes everything.

First of all it, enables us to relax a bit, because we can see that in addition to living our lives, we are being lived by a larger Life. We feel ourselves riding streams of history that appear to be going somewhere ever-more awake and powerful. Second, as we realize ourselves to be evolving beings, we can begin to ask very interesting questions such as: what’s next in my own personal evolution? In my career? In my relationships? In the evolution of the world at large, and my role in its evolution?

Evolution denotes transformational growth. In other words, we see that there are not just new things to know but new ways of knowing. That there are not just new things to do but new ways of doing. And that these new ways of thinking and acting multiply our effectiveness.

To more fully realize your destiny

As we realize our ability to co-create with the the power of emergence itself, we naturally turn our attention to achieving our unique destiny. That may sound a little grandiose, but it is quite literally true, and as evolutionaries we feel it deeply. That’s why so many integralists seem like they’re on a mission from God. Because they see — and feel — that they quite literally are.

But there is another side to it, as well. At integral consciousness we also see that although we are human beings gifted with great vision and calling, we are also works in progress, and that, paradoxically, a lot of the road forward involves realizing how, to use a beautiful religious term, broken we are. Not in the sense that something is wrong with us, but that there are indeed parts of ourselves that are appalling: our selfishness, our grudges, our suffering, the seven deadly sins and more. But now we begin to see that this is the way it should be, and that part of our job as evolutionaries is to bring our dark aspects into the light. We see that by being friendly with them we have a chance at metabolizing them into health and creativity, kind of like a fusion reactor, which lights us up and powers us to do what we are undeniably here to do.

To be with your peeps and peers

It has always been true, as humanity has evolved, that people at the edge of development seek out other pioneers. One of the great benefits of the Integral Incubator is that we get to hang out with other people who get us, who vibrate to the same chords, who see the new territories we see, and who want to explore them with us.

This has very practical and positive consequences. When we are seen and known more deeply by other people, we are able to better see and know ourselves. We have easier access to new dimensions of our own creativity and passion, we find strength we didn’t know we had, and we able to act in the world with greater skill and confidence.

A big part of the Integral Incubator is creating we-spaces among the participants and relationships that support each person’s growth. We will do this both in free-form café settings, but also in large- and small-group processes, as well as group meditation and movement practices. People who have attended events with other Integralists often note a higher level of group functioning that is unparalleled outside integral circles. As one of Boulder Integral’s member wrote about a salon we held recently, “I experience magic when conversing with people about integral ideas.” So, yes, one of the greatest payoffs of attending the Incubator is that we get to be with our tribe, and that is a terrific end in itself.

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